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Posted: 10:05AM March 16th, 2011 | Comments

Luigi entered my life but two short weeks ago and I have to say I'm in love!  Who would have thought that a body made of aluminum dressed in turquoise and red would not just catch my eye but my heart too.  Who is this Luigi?   An Italian ex-pat, with eight speeds, an internal hub, fenders to die for, and two rubber tires with pretty red trim.   Yes, Luigi is my new Bianchi Milano.  An eight-speed commuter bike.  A replacement for my fifteen year-old, no-named clunker that carried me through miles of riding on Madison Streets.  I thought I might feel a twinge of sadness as I moved on to embrace a new ride.  But, you know what, I felt nothing.  Simply, nothing.  Actually what I did feel was the sheer joy of Luigi.  Now, I ride to work with ease, the wind blowing through my hair, um, I mean helmet, and a big, big smile of joy on my face. 

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