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Next steps for public transportation

Posted: 2:27PM July 12th, 2011 | Comments

Quick!  In 2009 which city was listed as having the best transportation system in the country?  Survey says:  Nope, not NYC!  Denver.  At least according to US News and World Report.  Last night at our monthly  Eco- Salon we played a Madison-ized version of Family Feud, dubbed Eco-Feud, on public transit. Fred Bartol, founder of Dane Alliance for Rational Transportation, and Alderwoman Satya Rhodes-Conway spoke and the message came through loud and clear. If we want a modern and convenient public transportation system one day we need to speak up.  A great opportunity to be heard by the city of Madison will be at the Mayor's and City Council's Community Budget Conversations.  Especially the one on infrastructure on August 16th at 7:00 pm at the Senior Center.  See you there! - Kristen  

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