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Why Divert Food Waste at Gatherings?  Let us count the reasons…

Posted: 12:44PM May 11th, 2016 | Comments

Why Divert Food Waste at Gatherings?  Let us count the reasons…

·         Reduces event waste.

·         Potentially lowers waste management costs.

·         Contributes to a cleaner event.

·         Enhances event profile.

·         Provides collection bin advertising and signage opportunities.

·         Supports community waste reduction efforts and regional economy.

·         Saves natural resources and energy.

·         Reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

·         Inspires positive change in participants. (*)

·         Provides immediate gratification for ‘save the planet’ volunteers.

Early sustainability pioneer Herman Daly noted in 1990 “environmental sustainability’ as the single most vital of Sustainability’s Three Pillars.  So, why are Public Place Recycling and Food-Waste Diversion efforts so stunted here? 

Only Madison’s “World’s Largest Brat Fest”, “Williamson St. Coop Annual Meeting Party”, “Clip’s Beer/Film Fest” and small neighborhood festivals have taken the plunge on committed recycling away from home at events.  Convenience stores could do more too.  Even environmental and sustainability events sidestep waste reduction plans; perhaps thinking this is ‘another group’s responsibility”. 

To stimulate understanding on others ‘Working Toward A Zero Waste Event” Madison’s PAOLO VERDE CONSULTING LLC, ZERO WASTE PLANNING – and DOWNTOWN DAILIES ADVOCACY VIDEO – have come up with ‘snap shot how-to’ on Wisconsin ZW Event efforts.

Here’s the link ‘Working Toward A Zero Waste Event”  https://vimeo.com/154805965

For ZW Event Planning contact: Get a free, one-hour planning session from PAOLO VERDE via .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Added Resources:  www.cityofmadison.com/streets

(*) https://nerc.org/documents/guidance_for_special_event_food_waste_diversion.pdf

Thank you.

Paul Abramson                                                                                                                                                                

Member City of Madison Solid Waste Advisory Commission                                                                         

Manager, Paolo Verde Consulting LLC

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